Rome day 1:

We step out of the train station and feel the hot and humid air. We see the old buildings and the busy streets. We smell the tobacco from the cigarettes that many people smoke. We hail a cab and ask him to take us to the hotel. We arrive at the apartment and we have to wait in the hot air with sweat dropping off our faces for a long and gruelling hour as we wait for the lady to bring us our keys. After we drop off our bags at the apartment we take a stroll to find a restaurant. Once we sit down I order a cold and refreshing lemonade and a hot and exquisite spaghetti bolognese. The food was amazing. Shortly after we walk home and quickly fall to a deep and dark slumber. That’s our first day in Rome.

One thought on “Rome

  1. Hi Rob
    I am loving reading you descriptions of the amazing places you have been to. The Paris heat must have been tough. DC is hot too . I have never been to Rome and have only seen pictures of the cool places you have visited . the family in DC are looking forward to doing good stuff together. We go back to Canberra tomorrow.
    Love, Nan

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