On the third day of Rome we went to the colosseum. It was absolutely incredible. Some facts about the colosseum are: sometimes the colosseum was filled with water and used for naval battles. Gladiators were either free men or slaves, free men chose to be gladiators because they were payed as much as a soldier gets payed in a year! The colosseum stands 50 meters tall. The colosseum was usually used for gladiator fights and the day that the fighting stopped in the colosseum was the same day as a priest stepped on the colosseum and told everyone to stop fighting. Sadly, people threw stones at him until he died. Later that day we went to the Candem markets. Everything there was so cheap. I bought three shirts and it only cost me about twenty dollars. After, we went to Piazza Navona and walked back to our apartment. Later that day we had the best pizza ever. Soon after that we walked home and fell to sleep with a happy feeling that our time in Rome had not been wasted.

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  1. Hi Rob,
    we have really enjoyed reading your blog about your adventures overseas. It is really well written and makes us wish we were there too!
    So glad you had a great trip. We received a post card from you and Mum from Rome and read it with much excitement!

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