I wake up and head down to the breakfast buffet being served at our resort. Shortly after we finish breakfast we catch the shuttle bus and go down to the the beach. I put my foot down on the sand my feet sizzle like a sausage on a barbeque. I quickly run into the water and instantly cool down. I put on my snorkel and swim into the deep and dark waters of the Mediterranean sea. Once I put my head down I instantly see a school of large fish. I stay in the water for what feels like hours. I walk out of the ocean and instantly feel the heat that I was protected from in the water. I grab my towel and dry off. We catch the next shuttle back to Geo-village. For the rest of the day we relax at the luxurious pool.

One thought on “Sardegna

  1. Hi, my name is Sofia! From:

    Wow!!!! This looks like a very nice place, I might even want to go visit it!!! You put a lot of adjectives and words that describe the place very well. When I go I might want to bring some sandals, I don’t what my feet to feel like sausages on the BBQ!!!!! Keep up the good work Robbie, I look forward to reading more about your blog!!!

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