Hey it’s me again and i’m here to talk about one of my faviourite sports. This sport is mostly played by Americans. But lot’s of australians play it i’m here to give you all the updates and fixtures of the prestigious sport.


Free Agent Fever.

As most of you know after the NBA season is over players can decide to go forth with their contract or opt out of it. This year many great players have decided to opt out of their contract. Including Lebron James, Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade. Miami’s big three. Luckily they all ended up staying in Miami. Some other great players who have become free agents are Carmello Anthony from the New York Knicks, Dirk Nowitzki from the Dallas Mavericks and Marchin Gortat from the Washington Wizards. All these players are free to choose which club they want to play for.


LeBron James.

Unfortunately I was wrong about the big three staying in Miami. LeBron James the star of the NBA and the 2 time MVP with Miami has chosen to leave Miami to go to the Cleveland Cavaliers. This is most unfortunate because Miami relies on LeBron. It is also very strange that he returned to Cleveland because when he left Cleveland the coach posted a rude and offensive comment to LeBron and kept it on the Cleveland site ever since Lebron left. The fans of Cleveland also burned LeBrons jumper when he left.


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