Hi guys on our 4th day of London we went to Buckingham Palace. It was absolutely majestic! It had gold furnishings everywhere. We were very lucky to arrive at the changing of the guards. It was amazing. They held guns and swords and wore long red coats and black hats. The guards are the royal guards.

Later that day we went to the London eye. It was amazing! You could see the whole city once you reached the top. We were so high!

After that we went to a playground which was a obstical course entirely made out of wood. It was above the ground with a hard net to stop your fall from the top. I fell, it was really hard I grazed my skin from falling down.

After that we walked across Westminster bridge. We saw Big Ben, The Houses Of        Parliament, Westminster Abbey and The Prime Ministers house.

Thats our fourth day in London !

This Is London's most famous clock!

This Is London’s most famous clock!


On the third day on our London trip we went to the small town Greenwich. At Greenwich we went to the meridian line. Which is the only place in the world where you can stand on the eastern and western hemisphere.

Later that day we went to Ripleys Beleive It Or Not odditorium. It was amazing there were pictures made out of lollies shrunken heads torture machines mirror mazes and much much more! My third favourite thing was the mirror maze were you had to find your way out of a maze made out of mirrors. My second favourite thing was a picture of Bob Marley made out of dung! My favourite thing was the shrunken heads. Which old tribes made from there dead ancestors heads. The mouths were stitched together and they all had hear. They also had the oldest shrunken head ever to be found. Most of the heads had piercings on their noses and that’s my third day in London.


A few days ago we arrived in London.

On the first day we went to the London Tower. We saw lots of things: my third favourite thing was the weapon displays, my second favourite thing was the film of the two princes that were imprisoned in the tower and supposedly murdered, my favourite thing in the Tower Of London was the armoury where all the original armour that was used in battle were kept.

We also went to oldest pub on the river Thames. The same pub also introduced the flower Fuschia to London. It was traded for a pint of beer. To get home we went in a awesome London cab and that was all on the first day.

On our second day we went on the underground train system to Hampton Court Palace. It was the biggest building I have ever seen in my life! The palace was shared by William the 3, Henry the 8 and Queen Mary the 2. My third favourite thing in Hampton Court Palace was the hedge maze which has won a Guinness world record for longest surviving hedge maze. Hampton Court also won a second world record for the longest grape vine ever recorded. My second favourite thing in Hampton Court was the chapel which queen Elizibeth the 2 still attends. The ceiling had paintings and gold patterns and furnishings on the roof. Another thing in the chapel was a recreation of the crown which was destroyed by Oliver Cromwell.

My favourite thing in Hampton Court were the gardens which were hundreds of years old which has been kept alive by the staff at Hampton Court Palace. The garden was set in a formal setting. It was the biggest and most beautiful garden I have ever set my eyes on.

Later that day we went to one of the oldest toy stores ever. It had a large variety of things from electric planes to puppets. I bought a mystery UFO. I split the price with my brother. The mystery UFO is like the air hogs disk floater but it has a certain trick to it. The other thing I bought was a replica green lantern ring that lights up. My dad bought these planes that whenever you throw them they come straight back to you like a boomerang and we’ve done all this in just one day.

See ya guys that was my first two days in London.


My Big Trip!

On the 18th of June my family and i are going around the world!

First we are going to London then to Paris then to Rome then to Sardinia then to, Greece (Santorini) then we go back to London, and then Washington and after that were going to New York and then back home to Australia.

I will be writing a post for every place I go so stay in touch.

Robbie signing out.


Basketball is back

Hi everyone i’m here to tell you about basketball.

I am currently in the U\12 basketball team called the The Sharks. We  are a very successful team and have not lost one game in our division. We are on the top of the ladder and are beating everyone by over ten points our biggest win was by 32 points. We have got the fourth and many other high shooters in the team including me. We wear blue and white and have our name on the front of our guernsey. We play every Wednesday and sometimes have byes because we have an uneven amount of teams in our division.


INJUSTICE gods among us

Hi everyone i’m here to tell you about my favourite game to play on ios. The game is called INJUSTICE gods among us. It is a fighting game with all your favourite DC characters. Unluckily if your a Two Face fan like me he was not included in the game play.

At the start of the game you receive five character cards who are in the bronze category. soon you receive Nightwing and then Catwoman. They may not cost much but they are very helpful assets to your bronze collection. There are different catagorys bronze that are not as good silver that can be very useful and finally gold which are huge assets to your collection. There is also a very hard pack of three characters to get that are red son characters including red son Slomon Grundy , red son Superman and red son Wonder Woman these characters will almost make you unstoppable. Injustice is a free to play game that you can also get on most regular consoles.

Sometimes the game has challenges for a unbuyable character. They have an certain amount of days to finish a various amount of battles each time the battles get harder



ROBBIE OUTInjustice Gods Among Us

AFL Finals

Hi guys you might know about the AFL finals GO Geelong. Geelong are versing Hawthorn this week unluckily I couldn’t get tickets to watch the match ,but I will be watching it on my TV. If Geelong win there in the grand final woohoo! Unfortunately Paul Chapman can’t play this week because of a bump he did to Port Power last week so he is suspended. Hopefully we can keep this winning streak against Hawthorn. James Podsiadily Geelong star is playing with two black eyes isn’t that amazing!

one last thing GO CATS


Go Geelong!

You’re probably wondering why I just said that. Why would I shout ‘Go Geelong?’ That’s just weird shouting to a city but this Geelong is no city it is a star AFL (Australian Football League) city.  This is a prestigious sport unlike any other you will ever witness.